2015 India CDLS Report

                         By Yushuo Liu


Two students from LNSY International attended Community Development and Leadership Summit (CDLS) in India.


This annual summit with student participants from 18 countries was established in 2007 and hosted by Esteem Modern School, New Delhi, India. Shiyan has sent delegates to the summit continuously for 3 years. While this year, only four openings were proffered to the whole school students, and postulators for the interview were over 15. Finally four students obtained this incredible opportunity, two of them from International Department. They are Guangyu Li from 1716 and Yushuo Liu from 1715. The team was supervised by Mrs. Xuepin Ren, a prominent English teacher.


Instead of regarding CDLS 2015 as a summit of serious discussions on global issues, I would like to categorize it as a friends-making session with eighteen countries' kids with various cultural backgrounds. The first friends we met in India were definitely our delightful host families, who introduced us a modern and enthusiastic India. In a rural India family, you will observe significant British cultural affection, along with traditional Indian bulk. Combining these two factors together, an Indian family was so admirable that you will even feel jealous of their beautiful cultural diversity.


After the first breakfast in India, we rushed to the school, dropped by the little master of our host family. CDLS activities were more interesting than we had previously expected. Amazing activities and interactive workshops were conducted every day in a huge hall like school gym, where we had so much fun chatting with candidates from different countries. Besides assignments, we talked about everything from weather, food, to different education systems. We became more and more intimate, and our friendships were promoted by group work. In workshops, all of our team members gave speech, and fully participated in the work assigned to us.


In the following days, we were scheduled to know more about traditional India by appreciating eminent Indian artists' performances, which were captivated and enchanted. We also took part in community service by interacting with orphans in a local orphanage. Later we visited many scenic spots including the spectacular Taj Mahal. Day 6 was the most nervous day, when the annual CDLS cultural exhibition took place. As Chinese representatives, we sang songs of Jay Chou, and displayed Chinese penmanship, paper cut, etc. Not only did we successfully show Chinese spirit, but also we engaged with various foods and items from different cultures.


Nothing is more sorrowful than a farewell. On the last day when all candidates could actually stick together, we hugged one by one and took pictures with each other. I was honored to represent China to give the final speech. Li expressed his feelings about CDLS: “giving speech, performing, or preparing for cultural exhibition in front of 300 people had never came up to my mind, but making friends with those charming candidates really cheered me up. Goodbye India! Goodbye all delegates! I will never forget the days we were together."


In CDLS, we harvested friendship, embraced challenges, and most importantly, realized our limitless capabilities.

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